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Ontological materialism, in its a number of varieties, has develop into the orthodox view in modern philosophy of brain. This ebook offers a number of defenses of mind-body dualism, and indicates (explicitly or implicitly) thoroughgoing ontological materialism can't be sustained. The contributions are intended to teach that, at the least, ontological dualism (as contrasted with a dualism that's simply linguistic or epistemic) constitutes a philosophically first rate replacement to the monistic perspectives that at present dominate thought of the mind-body (or, probably extra adequately, person-body) relation.

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The purchase of self-knowledge is usually defined as one of many major targets of philosophical inquiry. whilst, a few kind of self-knowledge is usually considered as an important situation of our being a human agent or human topic. therefore self-knowledge is taken to represent either the start and the tip of people' look for knowledge, and as such it's intricately certain up with the very notion of philosophy.

Near-Death Experiences: Understanding Visions of the Afterlife

Near-death stories provide a glimpse not just into the character of loss of life but additionally into the which means of existence. they aren't simply worthwhile instruments to help within the human quest to appreciate loss of life yet also are deeply significant, transformative stories for the folk who've them. In a distinct contribution to the becoming and well known literature at the topic, philosophers John Martin Fischer and Benjamin Mitchell-Yellin research well-known near-death stories, resembling these of Pam Reynolds, Eben Alexander and Colton Burpo.

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Helena Michie's provocative new paintings appears to be like at how women's our bodies are portrayed in numerous Victorian literary and non-literary genres--from portray, poems, and novels, to etiquette, books, intercourse manuals, and pornography. After picking a chain of codes and taboos that govern the depiction of ladies in such actions as consuming and dealing, she then turns to the actual descriptions of Victorian heroines, targeting these components in their our bodies which are erased, and on those who turn into fetishized in traditional description.

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Privateness is a difficult suggestion. From the yard to the bed room, daily life offers upward push to an abundance of privateness claims. within the felony sphere, privateness is invoked with appreciate to matters together with abortion, marriage, and sexuality. but privateness is surrounded through a mire of theoretical debate. yes philosophers argue that privateness is neither conceptually nor morally specific from different pursuits, whereas quite a few criminal students element to the it sounds as if disparate pursuits taken with constitutional and tort privateness legislations.

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